Moms. Several varieties of lactation

BabyBreastfeeding while falling asleep. Specifically long in a 1st six months after birthday. The composition of milk includes elements that help your newborn to fall asleep and to configuration a healthy attitude to sleep. This is the most nutritious feeding, since a rear milk, higher in fat and big-calorie, starts to enter the child's body in 10-20 min later the beginning sucking, and falling asleep crumb off the warm in average minutes 30-40 minutes.Night applying. Needed to expand my mom enough milk. Full stimulation of a hormone prolactin in a production of the desired amount of baby milk includes at least TWO-3 night sucking.Applying on waking. After sleeping like a child again, "born" into this world. Safely cross a border between sleeping and waking helps unique composition of breast natural milk.Lactation for the elimination of discomfort (pain, fear, illness, unusual tasting of "adult" food, fear of the dark, postpartum stress, stress related to variant life situations, etc.).Lactation to confront bodily and emotional contact with the mom (mother rarely picks up, long time no home, any put a time to communicate with a newborn).BREASTFEEDINGNatural-feeding: feeding rulesLactationBreastfeeding is all about feedingPoses for lactation   Similar Mums.articles:Child attention. Teething in kidsChildMothers. Breast-feeding. Bottle-feedingNewbornMoms. Fall thin hair after childbirthNewborn.

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