Products to increase lactation

BabyAnalyze a regimen. Nursing mother does not necessarily possess 2 times higher than normal. Just one time at the desk need be 200 grams of protein products (like beef, poultry, or crab), 250 grams of milk or yoghurt, cheese 100-150 g, 20-30 g of tight dumplings.Drink every day at least TWO liters of fluid (here enter and soups). TWO-3 times per day, drink carrot cook for yourself if a newborn is not allergic to its components.3-4 tbsp Finely grated carrots pour a glass of natural milk and drink immediately. All a drink should be very warm, almost hot.  Similar posts:Baby care. Food allergies in childrenNewbornLactationBabyNewborn upkeep. Massage infantBaby.

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