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NewbornKeep you lost a child? What should you do in such a situation in a 1-st put and as to prevent it?The experience of a lot of moms dads shows that most often a infants have lost in a crowded places: in transport, railway stations, major shopping centers. Moms and dads simply may not control any step of a kid at a like time doing anything serious: a ticket is issued, paving a method in the crowd or paying at the checkout. Thirst interesting overcomes a small fidget all fear, and currently he was exploring new territory, and a small mum rushing around in search of a loved baby.And often adults with amazement To wishlist the emergence in a arsenal of a newborn "playing": as soon how you let go of his palm, the small robber escapes! And strive to catch up! Therefore, the more 1-st rule, and a only sure method not to lose a child in crowded places - tightly hold his hand or carry on his hands if he is extremely attractive. The basic thing - that a newborn never for a moment out of range of tactile contact. In addition, since 3 years old kid is able to remember a name and age (if alone to show on fingers) - memorize it with a data.It must as well try to memorize a address, and up to that time, not alone the crumbs invest in a business card pocket, but as well create a indelible ink mark on children's clothes. At the supermarket, very prettily babies it's best to put a cart in a product, an older baby at a time can be determined in a game room (if this service is accessible).Some variant - to involve the newborn in a fun game: You pick out a items, and it adds up to a cart at a checkout together by laying out all a bags. The chief thing - constantly keep talking, do not let a little buyers get bored and be for somewhere in the entertainment side.  Care of a baby. Similar Care of a child.articles:Attention of a newborn. Supplementing. SNSNewbornUpkeep of a newborn. ChickenpoxBabyVitamins for infantsChild.

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