Mothers. When to input solid foods?

ChildMost of the debate concerns the timing of weaning. Approximately experts hold traditional views approximately a claim for early introduction of complementary foods - not later than 4 months. Others argue that it is not required to force a introduction to a new child of food, how it may cause serious well-being problems.Numerous studies of warm milk show that by 4-5 weeks of your in the natural milk starts to decrease the capacity of nutrients, while a needs of the growing organism increases. On this basis, pediatricians suggest no later than the 4th month to enter into the schedule for of variant types of child juices, which in themselves are not a lure, but help a aging body to prepare to have a more serious meal. Still hurry to lure highly dangerous, and reasonable reasons for that.If a nursing mom is completely healthy, a sufficient quantity of natural milk, the doctors confirmed that the newborn is physically and mentally cultivate normally until at least 6 months child does not need any addition to fresh natural milk. Specifically strongly on timing explore new diet food want be treated in the event that a crumbs are prone to allergies. So even a juices should be postponed for a few weeks, not to mention the veg puree and porridge.A main disadvantages of complementary feeding on the 4-th month of newborn's life may be considered a big risk of expanding meal allergies, intolerances danger of a new product by weak digestive organs, a likelihood of disturbances in a process of warm-feeding (reducing the intensity and frequency of sucking) and a development of fresh natural milk.But the delay to discover new kinds of food is not very reasonable. If there has been timely introduction of complementary foods, eating habits and digestion in infants do not get proper building. If a first vegetable juices and purees pipsqueak is later than 6 months, it will be more difficult to learn to swallow solid meal, bite off items and chew. In turn, delayed a acquisition of these skills may lead to disorders of the stomach and intestines.What to do? Whose opinion is more convincingly? Say anything unequivocal and emphatic in this case is impossible - all babies are much variant and each requires an individual approach. The most sensible item that could create my mom in choosing the timing of weaning - is to focus on the status of your baby. Although any chief rules do exist.How, a lure need be administered in a case that if a child can sit (with back support), keeps correctly and turns the head, does not weigh less than 6 kg of drinks per time about the size of 900 ml of natural milk, remains hungry following breastfeeding. A relative contraindication to the introduction of new fresh food allergies are any poryavleniya, disruption of the digestive tract, severe acute chronic illness. If there is a doubt of the demand for supplemental feeding, talk to the pediatrician.  Baby care. Similar articles:Baby. Generic head injury: a tumor, hematoma, kefalogematomyBabyCare of a baby. Dining nursing momChildUpkeep of a newborn. Massotherapy infantBaby.

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