Baby. Nutrition lactating gerls: what to eat and what is forbidden?

BabyWhat can I eat a breastfeeding young woman? What is prohibited? What you have to be careful?Lactating gerls are often inundated with advice, sometimes questionable that they must eat and drink and what want not. It is significant however alone one thing: the claim to eat wisely and possibly a complete organism mom produces with 800 to 1000 ml of breast milk, while consuming about the size of 800 extra calories, how a breastfeeding woman needs more nutrients than before. For example, 45% more protein is more than twice however vitamins A and D, 50% more folic acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, and 30% more essence fatty acids.Monotonous diet can lead to vitamins deficiency nursing women or hypogalactia. At a like time, little errors in feeding on the milk capacity is not affected. In ordering to provide reliable power to a child, a mother's aging body helps itself by using this trick: If insufficient intake of nutrients from the outside connect the own funds. That's one of the causes why breastfeeding women in a case should not put the course weight loss.Some cause is that harmful substances coming from a outside, are deposited mainly in adipose tissue. If she loses mass, decreased fat depots, and toxins in big quantities in the blood begins to fall, then to the mum's natural milk. In fact, breastfeeding mothers can eat whatever you seem tasty, with the exception of two cases:If the child responds to fresh food mom bloating and rash on the buttocks. It need be assumed that any food and drinks that cause swelling in a mum, and a bad influence on a baby. In this case, however well as when alone responds to a child, it is required to remove all cause swelling varieties of fresh vegetables (mostly cabbage and peppers), and other "suspicious" meal. Drinks containing carbon dioxide can cause a newborn abdominal pain, citrus can cause diarrhea and dermatitis. If a woman is drinking lots of whole natural milk, it can cause swelling of a child, and abdominal pain, and even diarrhea.When a family has allergies. To reduce a child's risk of hereditary disease caused by the mom need be sure to give up a foods suspected however allergens. These involve, for example, nuts, eggs, chocolate, buckwheat, crab, cow's natural milk. If a mum herself is exposed to fresh food allergies, you need just in case a conversation with an allergist, who will adjust the food.  Similar Leaving of a child.articles:Care of a baby. LactationChildBaby. Vitamin for nursingChildTeething in babiesNewborn.

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