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NewbornTo make sure a kid having fun listening to poems and stories, they want talk clearly and emotionally. You can even make a small puppet theater with toys affordable to you in the house. With 3-4 months, the kids watched with admiration for a prettily vibrant little animals, any with its own voice, tone and rhythm. In addition, in such a way babies learn to perceive and convey emotions with you enjoying a extended turnip, weeping complete a broken eggs, ASUCA ran away later Kolobok...Scientific studies keep shown that babies who are the first week recited poems in the future had no problems with storing great amounts of rhythmical rhyming text (you are not obsessed in school, memorizing poetry?). You turned out to be better developed phonemic hearing, there was a greater susceptibility to foreign languages.A progress of the child in 4 weeksThe development of a newborn in 4 monthsWhat may a child in 4 weeksFinger games in 4 weeksThe development of a child in 5 weeksA growth of the child in 6 monthsProgress of a child under 1 yearCalendar of baby progressEarly Child Building   Child. Alike Baby.articles:Baby upkeep. Baby 1 yearChildBaby care. LactationChildLeaving of a baby. Massage infantChild.

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