Baby. Strabismus in babies: causes, medication of strabismus

NewbornThe causes of strabismus in babies:Strabismus in infants may be inherited or occur if a mom had a tightly childbearing or childbirth. The cause of illness may be diseases of a nervous system of the baby, childhood infectious diseases, and injuries.Often squint in a baby is a symptom of other eye diseases, normally congenital. Frequently, the cause of strabismus in children are also defects in the growth of muscular eyes.Symptoms of strabismus in children:One or both skin eyes may be dropped in baby's position, frequently to a nose, or a sort of "float". This phenomenon is common in infants, but by 6 weeks it need disappear. It happens that parents do for a baby of squint location and contour of the skin eyes (eg, infants with a broad bridge of a nose). Complete time, changing contour of a nose, and a imaginary squint disappears.Therapy of strabismus in kids:As soon however you notice that the baby squints skin eyes, immediately show it to the optometrist. Later all, a flaw could lead to a dramatic loss of vision. If strabismus caused by approximately other disease, you will want to remove that cause. If it is a separate disease (when one or more muscles are less developed than others), a problem of its surgical treatment.Perhaps earlier the operation a baby will be assigned to treatments that activate metabolism in the muscle. If the operation is not required, a kid is prescribed exercise on limited machines under the supervision of a physician. And each time a selected treatment plan.As well keep in mind that to this time, in a lot of cases, wearing glasses - a mandatory unit of the therapy of strabismus.Strabismus in kidsStrabismus in babiesNewborn newborn: squint   Newborn leaving. Resembling posts:Child. Analyses child: blood, urineChildAttention of a newborn. May a nursing mum persimmonBabyMaintenance of a baby. Vitamin for childrenNewborn.

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