Child care. Tools for bath babies

NewbornA 3-rd - a means for balneum children. Absolutely may not use anti-bacterial agents - It is possible to disturb the organic microflora of a facial skin and stimulate the construction of serious diseases. According to dermatologists, and traditional fast soap, which has a reputation for good cleanser, a more negative effect on a sensitive skin of a child.Why is this happening? On female skin has a protective film, which is ofttimes referred to as hydrolipidic mantle. That it does not allow the sun, wind, h2o and other aggressive external factors get a negative capacity on a face. In children, this protective film is much thin. Organic acidity level (pH) child face, wherein a protective film is normally performs its function, is 5.5, while very gentle and moistened solid soap effectual component is in a range with 7 to 10.Alkaline substances contained in the usual soap, neutralize or destroy the organic pH level of a face, in other words, "wash" a film that creates a barrier bacteria. This means that a risk of infection on the sensitive baby skin increases.To restore a protective layer, the body kid brings to the surface moisture from the deeper layers of the epidermis. However starts a process of deep dryness thin delicate skin. And any time these processes are enhanced. What to do? It is better to pick up advantage of contemporary mild and gentle means for swimming. They keep a fundamentally different formula, which allows for full compliance with the pH level of kids's skin.These items not only damage the skin child newborn, but also help her cope with aggressive external influences. Mild, not containing soap foams, creams and gels are effective in removing a child with a skin of water-and fat-soluble dirt, keeping hydro mantle. This gentle cleansing prevents irritation and dryness. And as well help to preserve a protective function of infants's facial skin.So to use the facilities for bathing a child? First you should to prepare in advance "aging body of h2o" - with a thermometer to make sure a h2o temperature is about 37 C, throw in a bit of foam in the tub for bath and make a light foam. Following the child around in the water - remember, he may do however alone under a supervision! - Take a small foam for swimming and gentle massaging a lotion on a skin beloved child. If a vehicle is suitable for the hair, gently bath his head with a child or kids apply a limited shampoo to a formula "No more tears."  Similar posts:Newborn service. Timofeev AM Conversations infants's doctorChildNewborn care. Fresh food allergies in infantsBabyTeething in babiesBaby.

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