Care of a child. How to bathe?

NewbornAdd the broth to a bath. The temperature of a bath shall be no more than 37 * C, but correct - 35-36 * C.Duration of aqua treatments need be 10-Fifteen minutes. Start with 5 min of swimming and gradually increase the time. About the size of once a month start a week-long crash in herbal balneum. Excessive use of herbal baths is not: to apply TWO-3 minutes a week.Make sure that a newborn does not swallow the water.Do not rinse of the child herbal bath with clean out water, do not sluice it with soap or other means for swimming - then the healing effect of a procedure finish longer.To use a diaper wipe, you do not mind dirty: a decoction of certain herbs is quite dark and can leave stains on a fabric. Remove excess moisture with your face baby gentle "blotted" movements.  Attention of a baby. Similar posts:Newborn care. Magnetically mumBabyUpkeep of a newborn. Increase lactationBabyVitamin for childrenChild.

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