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Mums. Newborn 3-rd month

NewbornIf 2 meters in front of the baby to drive a bright toy, it will be watching her skin eyes. Kid lying on his back. You are at a distance of 25 cm are moving bright fun that, in a end, disappears from a newborn's perspective, while for a any seconds, he continues to look after the lost fun.A baby in her arms are in the placement (his opinion not aimed at you, but in the opposite side of a placement). Crumb draws attention to the bright subjects and stares at them.The baby lies on his stomach. The position (25 centimeter) rattles rattle. A newborn turns his head toward a sound. In a prone position the baby should hold the head for 90 seconds.When you talk to the kid, he stares at you, smiling, cooing appears, "a set up of recovery."Leaning complete a child, replace the skin care expression of his skin, and the baby will imitate the skin care expressions. If leans stranger, pipsqueak momentarily freezes and stares at it carefully. So breaks into a hesitant smile, particularly when a stranger shows a friendly response.If you hang a fun within reach, so accidentally bumping into her baby will freeze for a while, "wondering" what happened.Lying on his stomach, the newborn may draw on a forearm, and bent legs on solid footing. Being in a helf mood, starts playing fingers of his hand, studying them.In a third month, the newborn will learn the 2 "fine items." The first - to know that he has hands and you can create variant movements. Second - learn to distinguish between mother ("Fire") and "them" people.  Care of a baby. Similar posts:Baby attention. Children's sports complexNewbornService of a baby. Breast-feeding. Bottle-feedingBabyMothers. Hair loss after giving birthdayChild.

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