Care of a baby. Some varieties of lactation

ChildBreastfeeding while falling asleep. Specifically long in the 1-st six months after birth. A composition of milk includes elements that help the child to fall asleep and to shape a healthy attitude to sleep. This is a most nutritious feeding, since a rear milk, higher in fat and big-calorie, starts to enter the child's body in 10-20 minutes later the beginning sucking, and falling asleep crumb off the breast in average min 30-40 min.Night applying. Required to cultivate my mother enough milk. Full stimulation of the hormone prolactin in a production of the desired amount of baby natural milk includes at least 2-3 night sucking.Applying on waking. Читать полностью -->

Moms. As a lot of infants porridge a day?

ChildIt is great that kids receive adequate amount of cereal (rice) per day, respectively, the average special consumption rates. Then, how this volume will be distributed throughout a time, depending on the appetite of a baby's taste preferences (preferably variant).Baby 6 weeks - 150 g porridge;Baby 107 weeks - 180 grams;Infants 9-12 weeks - 200 grams;For infants 12 months and older - 200-300 grams of porridge.Of the a year It is possible to give your baby cereal 1-2 times every day. Always important middle ground: so would a kid or loved cereal, crackers and fresh bread, feed it to these products, at least, is wrong.A presence of a great number of grain schedule for promotes the intake of excess carbohydrates child, which may enjoy effects on the body proallergennoe and promote overweight.  Newborn. Resembling posts:Maintenance of a child. Classes on a Montessori systemBabyMothers. Synthetic feeding. Читать полностью -->

Child. As a lot of kids porridge a day?

NewbornIt is influential that kids get adequate capacity of cereal (corn) per time, respectively, the average weekly consumption rates. And then, as this amount will be distributed throughout a time, depending on the appetite of the child's taste preferences (preferably different).Newborn 6 months - 150 grams porridge;Newborn 100 weeks - 180 grams;Children 9-12 months - 200 grams;For children 12 months and older - 200-300 grams of porridge.Following a year you can give a newborn cereal 1-TWO times a day. Ever serious middle ground: how would your kid or loved cereal, crackers and fresh bread, feed it to these items, at least, is wrong.A presence of a big number of grain regimen promotes the intake of excess carbohydrates newborn, which can get effects on a aging body proallergennoe and promote overweight.  Newborn leaving. Alike Maintenance of a baby.articles:Care of a newborn. Vaccinations child. Calendar childhood vaccinationsChildLeaving of a baby. Читать полностью -->

Mums. When, to whom and how much?

BabyFor drinking and cooking, you can apply a systemic freshly boiled and filtered water from the tap or bottled aqua child. Pediatricians are usually advised to use the purchased aqua, however it is safer for a newborn's hygiene. The chief reason to favor a use of bottled water - a minimum concentration of mineral salts.Buying newborn h2o, do not forget that it is divided into two categories: drinking aqua, and to restore (designed to prepare baby food from a dry mix). Drinking water is not recommended that kids under the age of 6 weeks and used for the making of infant formula, however its mineral composition is markedly various in about indicators.From the first times of your may give the child a as-called water for recovery - it is softer and is considered a dual-purpose h2o. If a baby is sick, doctors recommend increasing fluid intake to 120-150 ml per 1 kg of mass. This "water" mode will quickly rid the aging body of all toxic substances, and, if necessary, to reduce the temperature of the aging body.Heavy drinking and more frequent feedings are particularly needed sick kids grudnichkovye age. Читать полностью -->

Care of a child. How to bathe?

NewbornAdd the broth to a bath. The temperature of a bath shall be no more than 37 * C, but correct - 35-36 * C.Duration of aqua treatments need be 10-Fifteen minutes. Start with 5 min of swimming and gradually increase the time. About the size of once a month start a week-long crash in herbal balneum. Excessive use of herbal baths is not: to apply TWO-3 minutes a week.Make sure that a newborn does not swallow the water.Do not rinse of the child herbal bath with clean out water, do not sluice it with soap or other means for swimming - then the healing effect of a procedure finish longer.To use a diaper wipe, you do not mind dirty: a decoction of certain herbs is quite dark and can leave stains on a fabric. Remove excess moisture with your face baby gentle "blotted" movements.  Attention of a baby. Читать полностью -->

Attention of a baby. Tools for bathing babies

BabyThe 3-rd - a means for bathing children. Absolutely can not use anti-bacterial agents - It is possible to disturb a organic microflora of a skin and stimulate the progress of serious diseases. According to dermatologists, and traditional strongly soap, which has a reputation for helf cleanser, a very negative effect on the sensitive face of a child.Why is this happening? On human face has a protective film, which is ofttimes referred to as hydrolipidic mantle. That it does not allow the sun, wind, h2o and other aggressive external factors possess a negative effect on a skin. In children, this protective film is much thin. Organic acidity level (pH) newborn facial skin, wherein the protective film is normally performs its function, is 5.5, while extremely soft and moistened solid soap effective component is in the range with 7 to 10.Alkaline substances contained in a usual soap, neutralize or destroy a organic pH level of a face, in other words, "sluice" a film that creates a barrier bacteria. Читать полностью -->

Child care. Terms of breast-feeding

NewbornWhen feeding a child put next to a glass of water and drink whenever you require;Check that the newborn correctly took the chest;It is desirable that in a first month of your, a baby did not have the nipples however he learns to suckle him nothing should be confusing;Even the aqua bottle can bring a baby to think of an easier procuring food. Let a h2o with a spoonful, the spoon that the newborn pushes the language is quite normal after a while he gets used to drink and be normal;Spout newborn can touch a chest, but he does not have to wallow in it. Make sure that the baby was breathing freely;In a first 30 days of feeding want be paid to the length. Babe sucks the principal quantity of milk for 5-7 min, but if it is so no longer suck, then maybe he's just a little weak. Ideally, a baby must breastfeed for 10-Fifteen minutes;If a baby is sucking long and yet poorly gaining mass, please help him. Feed him however often however potential, if he falls asleep, so wake him for touching the cheek;If a newborn is born with lower birthday mass, it necessarily possess to nourish at night;Almost impossible situation when a baby is overeating warm natural milk. Читать полностью -->

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