Care of a newborn. Highly Great Person

NewbornBe prepared for a fact that once and will keep to step aside to give his father to find his own way to communicate with a child. One is tempted to step in and do items his own method. But if you wake up just in time to hurry to save the newborn from the father, so the man will be able to learn something yourself, how to establish the own relationship?Father is not secondary to a baby of the mum, father - is also a very serious person! Only differently. Strive to trust their mutual desire to find a contact. And that desire is always there, even if hidden under a anxiety and uncertainty.If a kid my father behaves restless, take a time to select up a crumbs, give them time to strive to understand themselves. Pick up alone when you Think about it you're both really too confused and alarmed. Читать полностью -->

Service of a baby. Terms of breast-feeding

ChildWhen feeding a newborn put next to a glass of water and drink whenever you request;Check that the baby well took the chest;It is desirable that in a first month of life, the newborn did not get the nipples however he learns to suckle him nothing should be confusing;Even the aqua bottle can bring a child to Think about of an easier procuring diet food. Let a h2o with a spoon, a spoonful that a newborn pushes a language is quite rule of the a while he gets used to drink and be rule;Spout child may touch a chest, but he does not get to wallow in it. Make sure that the baby was breathing freely;In the first month of feeding want be paid to the length. Babe sucks the principal capacity of natural milk for 5-7 minutes, but if it is so no longer suck, then maybe he's just a little weak. Ideally, a child need breastfeed for 10-15 minutes;If a child is sucking long and yet poorly gaining mass, love help him. Feed him however frequently how potential, if he falls asleep, then wake him for touching the cheek;If a child is born with lower birth gravity, it necessarily enjoy to nourish at night;Almost impossible situation when a child is overeating fresh milk. Читать полностью -->

Causes and symptoms of rickets in infants

BabyA most common classic D-deficient rickets from emerging however a effect of the violation of calcium-phosphorus metabolism. A matter starts at the age of 2-3 weeks, especially in infants weakened, prematurity, artificially fed. Due to a lack of vitamin D in the gut malabsorption of calcium and its deposition in a bones. However a effect - the thinning and softening of bone tissue deterioration of the nervous system and internal organs.Home and exacerbation occur, normally in late autumn, winter and early source. If you leave a 1-st signs of rickets unattended for 5-6 months a baby will have a detailed picture of a disease.A first signs of rickets in babies:Change a newborn's behavior: he becomes fearful, moody or lethargic.Sweating - sweat visible on the some face during feeding and newborn's head is sweating all the time, specifically on a back of a head during sleep, causing air is damp.Toddler worried about itching, he was constantly rubbing his head, causing the hair on a back of his head cut off.If during this time to hold a biochemical analysis of blood, can detect the reduced volume of phosphorus increased phosphatase action.  Moms. Resembling posts:Attention of a child. Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a newborn. Gravity gain or underweight

NewbornThe third stepSystemic checking of a newborn mass is needed only in the case. If you yet believe in insufficient quantity of the milk. But do not harass a forever weight a baby, the benefits it will bring: you are nervous, dramatically declining the amount of natural milk.Weigh the child regularly - every month or every 2 weeks. If the gravity of a baby causes you anxiety, weigh it weekly (but not any day!). All data is entered in a separate plate: a horizontal line include a weeks of his your, start with the month of birth, in the vertical - a newborn's weightiness in grams (for example, gravity child at birthday 3700 g - is a starting point of your chart).A healthy baby must gain gravity with one-half to one kilogram per month or a minimum of 125 grams per week. Kids breastfed exclusively breastfed in the 1st months may gain gravity more quickly. Читать полностью -->

Child. Recipe courage to nursing

NewbornTo speedily restore vitality properly to take three minutes every day (preferably before a meal) 1 teaspoonful A mixing of four components: 300 grams of honey, grapefruit nectar 4, 500 g walnuts (pre-crushed chalk) and 100 g of aloe juice (if you will "juice" a nectar with the leaves of plants to a home, use a fleshy lower leaves, washing, very dry and one day in a refrigerator), all good. If you are afraid of allergies, nuts, remove and replace a honey fructose.Vitamins for nursingMeal feeding girl 18 years old: VitaminsMeal after childbirth: VitaminsVitamins: the regime of lactating   Similar posts:Child Evolution 1 yearChildNewborn. Vitamin for nursingBabyChild. Massage infantChild. . . Читать полностью -->

Moms. 1-st porridge

ChildThe 1-st cereal to be of great, non-specific protein gluten (rice, buckwheat, and later corn and millet). Complementary foods want get with monokash, ie Porridge must be prepared with only one child of grain, and in a case can not pick up a mix of cereals. A 1st cereal to be cane sugar and salt, and dilute it with water, breast milk (if a crumb is breastfed) or the ordinary child natural milk mixing (if the baby - bottle-). Babies who are on assorted feeding, porridge is as well recommended to raise breast milk.In a first two or 3 times is enough to give crumbs literally one teaspoonful of milk, which is a some cereal mixture. If this item does not cause an allergic reaction, you can safely increase the volume of servings for any lure twice during the week leading up to 100 g gruel.If porridge - the first item of complementary foods, one kind of cereal need be given for 10-14 days, then do the same thing with the second view, then a third, etc. If a porridge until you've tried fresh vegetables, fresh fruit or fresh meat, in the absence of an allergy after a 7 days you may be mixed with a proven porridge. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Terms of breast-feeding

BabyWhen feeding a baby put next to a glass of aqua and drink whenever you require;Check that a child rightly took the chest;It is desirable that in a 1-st month of your, the baby did not get a nipples how he learns to suckle him nothing want be confusing;Even the water bottle may bring the baby to think of an easier procuring meal. Let a aqua with a spoon, the spoon that a child pushes the language is quite normal after a while he has used to drink and be rule;Spout baby may touch the chest, but he does not have to wallow in it. Do sure that a newborn was breathing freely;In a first 30 days of feeding want be paid to the length. Babe sucks the principal capacity of milk for 5-7 minutes, but if it is so no longer suck, so maybe he's just a little weak. Ideally, the baby should breastfeed for 10-15 minutes;If a baby is sucking long and still poorly gaining mass, please help him. Feed him so frequently however potential, if he falls asleep, then wake him for touching the cheek;If a baby is born with short birthday weight, it necessarily get to nourish at night;Almost impossible situation when a baby is overeating fresh natural milk. Читать полностью -->

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