Mums. 1 Do prophylaxis?

BabyIf anyone got sick at home or you are with a newborn in a public place, it is better to be safe. Drip into a baby's nose interferon-based drugs or saline. You have started a coldness? When breastfed baby gets protective antibodies from the mother. And yet, try a any days when communicating with a newborn to apply a gauze bandage. And, of course, treat the illness!  Similar Moms.articles:Upkeep of a child. Child Building 1 monthNewbornMoms. Читать полностью -->

Leaving of a newborn. What does it mean

BabyGluten - gluten some cereals, early admission to the child frequently provokes averse reactions.Starch - a substance belonging to the class of carbohydrate is indigestible polysaccharide.Dietary fiber refers to a class of carbohydrates is - indigestible polysaccharides. Are important for the functioning of a normal intestinal flora, stimulates the motor function of the gastrointestinal tract.Cellulose - a substance included in the group of dietary fiber.Maintenance of a baby. Resembling posts:Newborn maintenance. Baby Progress 3 weeksBabyMums. Lactation. Bottle-feedingBabyBaby attention. Читать полностью -->

Mothers. When to input solid foods?

ChildMost of the debate concerns the timing of weaning. Approximately experts hold traditional views approximately a claim for early introduction of complementary foods - not later than 4 months. Others argue that it is not required to force a introduction to a new child of food, how it may cause serious well-being problems.Numerous studies of warm milk show that by 4-5 weeks of your in the natural milk starts to decrease the capacity of nutrients, while a needs of the growing organism increases. On this basis, pediatricians suggest no later than the 4th month to enter into the schedule for of variant types of child juices, which in themselves are not a lure, but help a aging body to prepare to have a more serious meal. Still hurry to lure highly dangerous, and reasonable reasons for that.If a nursing mom is completely healthy, a sufficient quantity of natural milk, the doctors confirmed that the newborn is physically and mentally cultivate normally until at least 6 months child does not need any addition to fresh natural milk. Specifically strongly on timing explore new diet food want be treated in the event that a crumbs are prone to allergies. Читать полностью -->

Terms of breastfeeding

BabyWhen feeding a newborn put future to a glass of water and drink whenever you need;Check that the baby well took the chest;It is desirable that in the 1st month of your, a baby did not have the nipples so he learns to suckle him nothing need be confusing;Even the water bottle can bring a baby to To think of of an easier procuring diet food. Let a water with a spoonful, the spoon that the child pushes a language is quite normal of the a while he has used to drink and be ordinary;Spout baby may touch the chest, but he does not keep to wallow in it. Create sure that a baby was breathing freely;In a first 30 days of feeding should be paid to the length. Babe sucks a principal capacity of milk for 5-7 minutes, but if it is then no longer suck, so maybe he's just a some weak. Ideally, the child should breastfeed for 10-15 minutes;If a child is sucking long and yet poorly gaining mass, like help him. Feed him so often however possible, if he falls asleep, so wake him for touching the cheek;If a child is born with low birthday mass, it necessarily keep to nourish at night;Almost impossible situation when a newborn is overeating breast natural milk. Читать полностью -->

Baby care. Nutrition lactating gerls: what to eat and what is forbidden?

ChildWhat may I eat a breast-feeding girl 18 years old? What is prohibited? What you enjoy to be careful?Lactating gerls are ofttimes inundated with advice, occasionally questionable that they need eat and drink and what should not. It is important however alone one thing: the claim to eat wisely and possibly a complete organism mother produces with 800 to 1000 ml of natural milk, while consuming approximately 800 extra calory, however a breastfeeding girl requires more nutrients than before. For example, 45% more protein is more than twice however vitamins A and D, 50% more folic acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin, and 30% more essence fatty acids.Monotonous ration can lead to vitamin deficiency nursing gerls or hypogalactia. At the like time, little errors in feeding on the natural milk capacity is not affected. In ordering to provide reliable power to the child, the mum's aging body helps itself by using this trick: If insufficient intake of nutrients from the outside connect your own funds. That's one of a causes why breast-feeding women in any case should not pick up the course weight loss.Some cause is that harmful substances coming from the outside, are deposited mainly in adipose tissue. Читать полностью -->

Baby. 3 issue with breast-feeding: gipolaktiya

ChildThis is an absolute or relative deficiency of milk production. The fact that a child does not keep enough natural natural milk, says his restless behavior, frequent crying, sleep disturbance, poor mass gain or loss. Control of feeding may prove gipolaktiyu. Most frequently, a girl 18 years old is itself to blame for the shortage of milk.According to a observations of experts, gipolaktiya - one of a general reasons for not lactation. Meanwhile, to increase the quantity of natural milk in nursing mothers is quite real. You just keep to be patient and strictly follow a recommendation, which will give the medical man. Читать полностью -->

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