Newborn care. Area and Time

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ChildNormally massotherapy is done after a morning shower or a day before serving. Keep in mind that kids freeze faster adults, so pick the warmest room in a house. Prepare in progress a put, like a changing desk. At the fingertips should be a special butter and heartwarming diaper.But do not start a massage if you are nervous or tired. A newborn will feel it right away. How 1st try to disconnect from the unpleasant thoughts. Читать полностью -->

Frequent feedings help to improve lactation

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BabyFeed a child in close contact. Touch every other facial skin, see a baby's skin eyes. A tenderness and love that you have for a child will help you to restore the rightly volume of natural milk. Put a newborn to the fresh however frequently however potential - because need creates supply!Monitor for proper newborn takes the breast. Keep it up so that it touches a chest chin. A lower lip child need be slightly twisted outward and complete a top - see part of a areola.  Maintenance of a newborn. Читать полностью -->

Moms. Treatment of mastitis folk remedies

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NewbornRecommended for a treatment of mastitisTake vitamins complex.Attach to the sore spot a piece of Kombucha, impose on him a cotton wool or gauze over - the paper or parchment, It is possible to pharmacy. Cellophane, polyethylene - not because it hurts to keep to take the air. Procedures carried out for 5-7 days before going to bed.Applied to the chest sweet leaves mom and stepmother, and leaves of burdock, previously showering them with stewing water.Attached to their natural baked onions with natural honey so a compress.Attached to their warm natural milk steamed in figs.Prepare a little bowl along of gentle dough, mixing rye floury, melted cow butter and fresh milk and leave it on overnight and then apply to the affected space. Treatment of mastitis performed some times.Wipe the chest with tincture of Sophora japonica. For a preparation of liqueur with vodka in a 1:2 ratio of Sophora beans, brew in a colored place for 3 hours, drain.Create compresses of medicine infusion of confection clover. To prepare pour 1.5 cups of boiling water? cup of grass, to insist Fifteen minutes, drain. Читать полностью -->

Mums. Valuable additives

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NewbornSometimes a good idea to bathe the baby in the bath with sea salt. To do this, dissolve the sea sol in a saucepan, strain through several layers of cheesecloth and pour out before a dip in a tub. Sea salt decision, which will remind a crumbs of the days spent in mum's tummy, very beneficial. Pick up a dip, drench the newborn with plain h2o to Carefully wash off a sea saline, if a decision was sufficiently concentrated.Lovely choice for swimming and all kinds of herbal teas. If the newborn is restless, It is possible to bathe him in a coniferous decision, if you get problems with a skin - in the infusion or series of elecampane. It is not indispensable to bathe a child in a infusion of chamomile - it dries the face, but to use it however one of the components is potential.In main, earlier experimenting with herbs, check with your doctor - it will help you take a optimal composition.  Alike posts:Child. Читать полностью -->

Newborn care. Kashi without cooking

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BabyAlmost all a "porridge without cooking" are guaranteed high-grade and balanced composition. Besides these cereals require minimal preparation time. In this case we speak of those cereals that are specially designed for newborn fresh food. Properly-known manufacturers offer cereal is not just for every woman, but for children with a variety of features of heartiness (for example, allergies or problems with the gastrointestinal tract).Kashi in a configuration of flakes without a addition of sol, vitamins, sugar, milk powder, artificial preservatives, flavorings and colorings are often sold in the departments not baby meal and regime. But you are quite suitable for feeding nice children, they do not have to cook, and you can pour boiling water or cook in a microwave oven.Following 1.5-2 years old, you can use a "firmly" porridge without additives, which are brewed rightly in the bag, such as buckwheat, rice or oatmeal. Absolutely not suitable for newborn meal (this applies to children up to 3 years, and when it comes to allergy sufferers - and older!) Flavored porridge without cooking bags (as-called "fast"). Читать полностью -->

Maintenance of a child. Terms of lactation

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BabyWhen feeding a baby put next to a glass of aqua and drink whenever you request;Check that a child right took a chest;It is desirable that in a first 30 days of life, a newborn did not have the nipples however he learns to suckle him nothing should be confusing;Even the water bottle may bring a baby to To think of of an easier procuring fresh food. Let a water with a spoonful, the spoon that a child pushes the language is quite normal of the a while he has used to drink and be normal;Spout newborn can touch the chest, but he does not enjoy to wallow in it. Make sure that a newborn was breath freely;In the 1-st 30 days of feeding must be paid to a length. Babe sucks a principal quantity of milk for 5-7 minutes, but if it is then no longer suck, so maybe he's just a small weak. Ideally, a baby must breastfeed for 10-Fifteen minutes;If a newborn is sucking long and still poorly gaining gravity, love help him. Feed him however ofttimes however possible, if he falls asleep, so wake him for touching a cheek;If a newborn is born with lower birth mass, it necessarily enjoy to feed at night;Almost impossible situation when a newborn is overeating breast milk. Читать полностью -->

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